About UCHP Migration Research Platform

The University of Copenhagen Platform for Migration and Refugee Research (UPCH Migration Research Platform) is a cross-faculty initiative open to researchers based at UCPH from all disciplines.


The University of Copenhagen Platform for Migration and Refugee Research (UPCH Migration Research Platform) aims to promote a broader interdisciplinary dialogue both internally at UCPH and within the international research field. 

Research interest in refugee and migration issues has been growing significantly both globally and at national levels. Nonetheless, both in Denmark and internationally research on migration and refugees often remains fragmented along disciplinary divides. Furthermore, journals, conferences and other initiatives dedicated to “migration studies” or “refugee studies” tend to attract scholars from a limited set of disciplines, thereby excluding important contributions and emerging research on migration and refugee issues within the broader academy.


The aims of the UCPH Migration Research Platform are:

  • To promote research excellence in migration and refugee scholarship across disciplines
  • To further establish UCPH as a leading hub for interdisciplinary migration and refugee scholarship
  • To facilitate synergies and stronger collaboration on refugee and migration issues both within UCPH and across our respective international networks.

What is migration

We define migration broadly as human mobility across multiple borders and boundaries. Migration processes involve a wide range of actors and practices, across different scales, past and present. We see migration as a global matter of concern and as a part of human existence. As such, researching on and learning from migration is an important part of the continuous broadening and deepening of our understanding of societies and the planetary impacts of human mobility.


Each term, the UCPH Migration Research Platform will organize external and internal activities related to migration research, in the shape of seminars, roundtables, science slams, lectures etc.

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